Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tank Top #2

Men's tank top I bought at Target for me. Of course the under arm area is too big. 

The gray tank top I took in at the sides was a little bit snug. This black one I am going to take in at the shoulders. 

Using and old tank top as a guide for the arm holes and pining where I want to sew. 

Since the back shoulder piece is wider I matched the seams at the sides and made a pleat at the back and pinned it. 

Then stitched across and cut off the excess shoulder. 

Here's the back shoulders with a cute little pleat. 

And again with the weird selfies. You get the idea of the shoulders. This brought the arms holes up. Still a little loose under the arms. I may or may not  take in under the arms just a little. This is for around the house anyways so I'm happy with it. 

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