Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lounge Pants

Made me a pair of around the house pants from a Butterick 5893 pattern. Think it was view D (sorry I missplaced the envlope sleeve). The pattern is actually for long full length pants but this satin like fabric I had made them more of a 3/4 length pant. It's easy to alter the pant length of the pattern to fit the fabric piece on hand. 
Didn't have enough fabric for the waste band but I did happen to have black satin fabric to use. 

I like that the pattern had pockets. These were pretty east to do. 

Did a machine sewn hem and went back and did stitching close to the edge. I like how they turned out. 

I'm a size 12 and cut out the pattern for a size XL. They turned out wider looking than the picture on the pattern envelope sleeve. Next time I will try the size Large. 

Did a zigzag stitch along all the seam edges too. Took longer to make these pants but because of this fabric fraying edges the zigzag stitched edging will help them from unraveling in the long run. 

And now to go through a fabric tote to figure out what to make mysfelf next. 

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