Monday, February 23, 2015

Refashioned T-Shirt

Last summer I purchased a few t-shirts from Khol's. Accidentally dried them all the way and they shrunk length wise. Note to self: do not buy t-shirts made of rayon. Instead of giving them away I thought I'd try to refashion them. 

One t-shirt was a long sleeve solid gray that I had already used the bottom portion on another t shirt. In my new refashioned t-shirt the middle of the gray t-shirt is used.  

Now that the new shirt is finished I think the middle portion is too long. I had used 9" length when maybe 6 or 7" would have been better. 

Just cut the bottom of the main shirt off and pin the new middle section on. 

I don't have a serger. Sewed using a long stitch and used tissue paper when sewing. Just put tissue paper down first and the knit fabric pieces on top of it and sew. It's amazing. No stretching happens while sewing. Wish I knew this trick years ago. Don't forget to remove the tissue paper from the shirt afterwards. Gently tear it off. 

Now I have a new work shirt. 

Here's what's left of the gray t-shirt as of now after being cut and used on two shirts. Now to think what to do with this.