Saturday, November 14, 2015

Craft Shows

Did my last craft shows for the year. Had a nice time at the art walk last night. Had a long but fun day at today's show. 

So very tired now. Maybe I can catch up on my sleep. 

I have a bunch of projects to make and work on. I really need more hours in the day. This crafting and sewing until 3am and having to get up at 6:30am is no good. Especially when I don't want to stop sewing. Maybe sewing is a real super power. 

I have a few crafting ideas but I really need to catch up on projects, like finishing a baby blanket for my sister-in-law and starting on a baby blanket for my sister. Both their babies are due very  soon. 

Oh and I'll be adding items to my etsy shop. Where's my assistant at so that the computer related things can get done. Ha!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Doctor Who Tardis Top

Made me a top. Turned out too snugged under the arms so now I am selling it on my etsy shop:

I was so disappointed when it ended up too small because there was no room to take it out. Another disappointment is not being able to get more of this fabic. 

I have a little bit of the fabric left to make something. I will need to come up with an idea for it. 

In the mean time I have some aprons to make and have come to the conclusion that I no longer wish to do craft shows. I spend way more money than what I make from the shows. 

Okay. Bye for now friends. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tank Top #2

Men's tank top I bought at Target for me. Of course the under arm area is too big. 

The gray tank top I took in at the sides was a little bit snug. This black one I am going to take in at the shoulders. 

Using and old tank top as a guide for the arm holes and pining where I want to sew. 

Since the back shoulder piece is wider I matched the seams at the sides and made a pleat at the back and pinned it. 

Then stitched across and cut off the excess shoulder. 

Here's the back shoulders with a cute little pleat. 

And again with the weird selfies. You get the idea of the shoulders. This brought the arms holes up. Still a little loose under the arms. I may or may not  take in under the arms just a little. This is for around the house anyways so I'm happy with it. 

Tank Top

Bought a men's tank top at Target today. Bought it because I wanted something roomy to wear on these hot hot summer days we are having here in Michigan. 

To start off with I turned it inside out, using an old tank top as a guide to pin where I will be taking in the sides. 

The pin at the top, at the bottom of the arm pit, is where I will start sewing from. 
I purposely insert that first pin up and down at the place I want to start sewing at. That way I can insert the sewing machine needle right there and pull the pin out before sewing. 

I'll start my stitich there and just keep sewing down until stitching gradually runs off the shirt. I'm going to use the longest stitch on my machine, which has been working out okay with knits. 

Then do the same for the other side. 
Try it on to see if any adjustments need to be made. 

If all is good, if you want cut off the excess so the sides lay smoothly. 

Its ready to wear!

This last one is the best selfie one that turned out where you can see the tank top alright. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lounge Pants

Made me a pair of around the house pants from a Butterick 5893 pattern. Think it was view D (sorry I missplaced the envlope sleeve). The pattern is actually for long full length pants but this satin like fabric I had made them more of a 3/4 length pant. It's easy to alter the pant length of the pattern to fit the fabric piece on hand. 
Didn't have enough fabric for the waste band but I did happen to have black satin fabric to use. 

I like that the pattern had pockets. These were pretty east to do. 

Did a machine sewn hem and went back and did stitching close to the edge. I like how they turned out. 

I'm a size 12 and cut out the pattern for a size XL. They turned out wider looking than the picture on the pattern envelope sleeve. Next time I will try the size Large. 

Did a zigzag stitch along all the seam edges too. Took longer to make these pants but because of this fabric fraying edges the zigzag stitched edging will help them from unraveling in the long run. 

And now to go through a fabric tote to figure out what to make mysfelf next. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Refashioned T-Shirt

Last summer I purchased a few t-shirts from Khol's. Accidentally dried them all the way and they shrunk length wise. Note to self: do not buy t-shirts made of rayon. Instead of giving them away I thought I'd try to refashion them. 

One t-shirt was a long sleeve solid gray that I had already used the bottom portion on another t shirt. In my new refashioned t-shirt the middle of the gray t-shirt is used.  

Now that the new shirt is finished I think the middle portion is too long. I had used 9" length when maybe 6 or 7" would have been better. 

Just cut the bottom of the main shirt off and pin the new middle section on. 

I don't have a serger. Sewed using a long stitch and used tissue paper when sewing. Just put tissue paper down first and the knit fabric pieces on top of it and sew. It's amazing. No stretching happens while sewing. Wish I knew this trick years ago. Don't forget to remove the tissue paper from the shirt afterwards. Gently tear it off. 

Now I have a new work shirt. 

Here's what's left of the gray t-shirt as of now after being cut and used on two shirts. Now to think what to do with this.