Saturday, July 20, 2013


This week has been my vacation week and do you know what I made happen? I made a trip to New York happen! Finally made it to New York. I honestly thought it was going to be bigger. Oh well. 
Didn't see every place on my list but saw a lot. One magnificent site was St Patrick's Church. It was going through a renovation and it was still amazing. 
My favorite place in New York was Central Park. We walked through the park on the 7th Avenue side up to Strawberry Fields where the John Lennon Imagine memorial is. Then we had cut across the park to 5th Avenue. At the time I had said I think the park was a bad idea. Under the circumstances I wasn't thinking right (it just happened to be the hottest week of the year). Looking back now I realize it was the best part of the trip.
Since it has been my vacation week I decided to do no crafting or sewing that is related to vending. I did however breakdown and sew me a new top. 

I needed this vacation. So glad it has happened. So sad it will end after tomorrow. 

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