Saturday, July 27, 2013

Robin T-Shirt: Do It Yourself

My son wanted a Robin, the boy wonder, costume. I told him I'd make him something simple. 

I purchased three t-shirts, yellow, red and black. My original idea was to use the yellow and black t-shirts for the cape but changed my mind since this was going to be worn outside during marching band camp. The weather is predicted to be warm the week of band camp. One less layer is what I was thinking. 

The cape is the back of the t-shirt. I had cut around the front neck opening about 4" down around, cut to the arm holes. Cut up around the shoulder then back down around the back of the arm holes, then a slight diagonal out towards the front of the shirt down to the bottom edge. 

Next I had cut out the yellow rectangle shapes and the "R" out of the left over yellow t-shirt and the black back ground circle out of the other t-shirt. Used fusible bonding web to attach the shapes onto the red t-shirt. Then did a zig zag stitch with the sewing machine around the shapes so the edges don't detach. 

My local craft stores didn't have the green color t-shirt I was looking for so my son went through all his shirts and found a good green one I could use for the sleeves. I changed the sleeves out. It was easier than I thought it was going to be. 

I had cut the sleeves off of both shirts the same way by cutting of the sleeve and leaving the sewn edge seam remaining on the shirt side, not the sleeve being cut off side. Pinned the green sleeves to the red shirt right sides together. Used the zig zag stitch since I do not own a serger. 

The last steps was attaching the cape. I used the fusible bonding web on the front of the cape so it's held in place on the front of the shirt. I also stitched a straight stitch at the shoulders of the cape, about the middle of the shoulders and about a two inch stitch, just to help hold the cape down. 

This last picture is the cape with the fusible bonding web. It lays nice and smoothly in place. 

The very first picture I took, my son was very excited to try on the shirt before the final steps. The perfectly matching green shorts we found by accident while shopping at Walmart. We just happened to walk by the little boy clothing department and couldn't believe we seen these. What was even more amazing was that they actually fit my son. 

So this is the simple Robin costume. I was told that he still wants a real Robin costume. If you only knew how many costumes he says he wants. 

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