Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Crafts

Yesterday I took along some newly made Halloween crafts to October's Art from the Heart. I made felt ornaments.

Pretty easy to make.

First step: Just cut out your shapes. Hand sew on the face features. I like the look of the button eyes. Helps give them character.

Second step: Hand sew around the outer edge. I put two strands of embroidery thread through the needle so that I would have four strands of thread to sew with to make sure the outer edge was held together good. You can see my stitches on the skull.
NOTE: If adding a piece of ribbon make sure you get it sewn in while sewing around at the top. I reinforced it with two stitches where the ribbon is. Another note about the ribbon: I just guesstimated my length. I made mine to hang off door knobs and made sure my ribbon piece would go around and adding a little to go into the seam.
Also make sure you leave an opening while sewing around the outer edge about 1 1/2" or 2" to add the stuffing.

Third step: the stuffing. Fill with some poly fill. You don't have to over stuff it. Do make sure you get the stuffing in the corners if there are corners.

Fourth step: finish sewing up the opening. Tie a couple knots and your done. I always do three knots no matter what it is I'm sewing.

Now you can hang your ornament. I like to hang these on door knobs in the house.

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