Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Crafts

Yesterday I took along some newly made Halloween crafts to October's Art from the Heart. I made felt ornaments.

Pretty easy to make.

First step: Just cut out your shapes. Hand sew on the face features. I like the look of the button eyes. Helps give them character.

Second step: Hand sew around the outer edge. I put two strands of embroidery thread through the needle so that I would have four strands of thread to sew with to make sure the outer edge was held together good. You can see my stitches on the skull.
NOTE: If adding a piece of ribbon make sure you get it sewn in while sewing around at the top. I reinforced it with two stitches where the ribbon is. Another note about the ribbon: I just guesstimated my length. I made mine to hang off door knobs and made sure my ribbon piece would go around and adding a little to go into the seam.
Also make sure you leave an opening while sewing around the outer edge about 1 1/2" or 2" to add the stuffing.

Third step: the stuffing. Fill with some poly fill. You don't have to over stuff it. Do make sure you get the stuffing in the corners if there are corners.

Fourth step: finish sewing up the opening. Tie a couple knots and your done. I always do three knots no matter what it is I'm sewing.

Now you can hang your ornament. I like to hang these on door knobs in the house.

2012 Coming to an End

It's been a busy busy year. A little too busy if you ask me but its been fun. Non stop craziness with working full time then coming home to sewing/crafting has run me down. After the church fiesta I was exhausted. That exhaustion turned into a bad cold that kicked my butt. I'm still recovering from that cold. Can't seem to get rid of the cough and feeling tired all the time. Just want to get my energy back.

Next year I don't plan on doing so many shows. I really want to start making things for me. It's my turn. I'm going to be very selective on picking out shows to apply to and what I mean by that is shows closer to home not way out of town. At least this is what I'm telling myself.

Right now I have a few special request to take care of before I can start on some Christmas presents. There are some dolls I want to make for gifts for a couple of little girls. I have ideas for other gifts and hope I will have plenty of time to make them.

This week I'll be finishing up an apron order. Next I'll be working on some moustache shrink art necklaces and felt moustsches on a stick. I really should have had these done weeks ago but that darn cold kept me from doing anything.

Today I found a new blog app for my phone. Same blog for me only now it looks like I can actually post pictures from my phone. As you may know my laptop and me don't get along to well. Computer stuff just isn't my thing. Hopefully I will be posting more now that I have this new app.

Oh let's see. What else can I tell you? I know I can't wait to start sewing for me.

Soon I'll also be adding more items to my etsy shop. I've been neglecting my shop. Just haven't had the time.

So this is how I'll be ending 2012. Finishing some projects to make way for the new year of sewing and crafting.

Fiesta 2012

This has been one busy year of sewing and crafting. This September was my church's Fiesta Mexicana. This was the first year they held the fiesta in September. It's been in the month of June since the late 60's. All in all it went well.

I wasn't able to get the Our Lady of Guadalupe fabric like I wanted. Every time I had the money to purchase it, it was out of stock.

In a few months I need to get a head start on sewing for next years fiesta.