Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Coin Purses

Last night I cut out fabric for a bunch of coin purses. This will be my little project this week.

Think I'll try posting a little more often of what I'm working on. My way of doing the 365 day of crafting projects. Then you could see projects in progress too.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Sunday

{pictured above:  special request crochet scarf with crochet flower}

Did you know that practically everyday I am sewing, crocheting or making something crafty? I love keeping busy this way. Since today is Sunday it is a "me" day. Which means I can relax if I want. I decided this a few weeks ago when I felt overwhelmed with things that where going on. After all I'm just one  person. So Sunday's are my days :)

{pictured below:  Christmas gift for one of my sisters}

 I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to be realistic. All this computer stuff as you know overwhelms me as well. Think I'll tinker with the computer on Sunday's too. Why not?

Pictured above is a blanket I had started. It was suppose to be a baby blanket but might end up being a toddler blanket only because its not made with baby yarn so it is turning out heavy. I restarted a new one in a very nice blue color, not that traditional baby blue you always see. Its more like the color blue of Linus' blanket from Peanuts. Because I'm using baby yarn it is taking me forever to finish.

Just a while ago I signed up to a granny square Flickr group. This group is going to be making a granny square a day during the month of February. I will have a chance to use up some of that extra yarn I have sitting around.

With that note I think I will work on that baby blanket then head to bed.

P.S. Here is the Flickr group link:  http://www.flickr.com/groups/crochet101/

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Aprons

Hello Everybody! One of my latest projects was making aprons for the Flint Crepe Company. This was lots of fun because I had a chance to paint. At first it was a little tricky painting on the fabric but I got the hang of it. The Following three post are pictures of the aprons (I was having difficulty adding the pictures with the typed post so I did it all separate).

I was very pleased how they turned out and the guys at the Flint Crepe Company love them. I made them four aprons; Two half aprons in black, one full black apron and one tan color half apron.

Apron 1 & 2

Half aprons. These are all hand painted with fabric paint.

Apron #3

Full apron with logo on pocket

Apron #4