Monday, November 7, 2011

I Tried...

I tried and tried for the past two hours to figure out how to add a badge to this blog. I give up for now and will try again later. Way later. As you can see my blog looks naked compared to other blogs. I've wasted enough time on the computer and need to get things done before heading off to bed. Me and computers don't go hand in hand at times. Oh well.

Have a nice night everyone!

I Took the Handmade Holiday Pledge


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crocheting the Nights Away

I'm working on a crochet blanket for my son. The plan is to work on it before heading to bed every night.

I was going thru my things not so long ago and came across a shopping bag and wondering what I had stashed away in it. I couldn't believe it was a blanket I started on about two years ago. I had run out of yarn and somehow forgot about getting more to finish it.

Now I have more yarn and my nightly crocheting project is a go.