Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finn the Human Hat

A few weeks ago was spirit week at my son's school. One of the days was Super Hero Day! Jacob asked if I could make him a Finn the Human hat, a character from the cartoon Adventure Time.

We found a pattern and how to video:

This site said to download a program for printing out the pattern to the right size. I didn't do that since it wasn't my computer I was using. I just clicked on the pattern and printed it. Then folded the pattern in fours so I had a top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. After that I printed each section at 200% enlarged, cut the pieces out and taped them together.

I made a practice hat to see if any adjustments were needed. Just had to make it a tiny bit larger so there was a little more room around his head. I used a knit velvety fabric and cotton fabric for the lining. The velvety fabric was hard to keep in place when I was sewing. In the how to video they used felt and lined it with felt. I thought maybe that would be to hot to wear in school all day long.

The bottom picture shows the shape of the hat and the top picture shows how nicely it lays. Jacob was very pleased with the hat.