Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Art From The Heart

September's Art From The Heart may have been my last craft show for the year. It was fun and great to see everyone again. I didn't really make anything knew except for some shrink art necklaces that I ended up putting together there at the show. It was nice being recognized by people who saw me at past craft shows, like Craft City and the Flintcity Spring Craft Market. There will be a special October Halloween themed one next month but not sure if I can make it. It's the same day as Jacob's school's homecoming parade and football game. His band class will be marching in the parade and preforming during the game. Really won't know until that day this is happening. I do have some great fabric cut out for aprons for the October show. If I can't make it the aprons will end up on etsy. As for future shows, I don't really know. They will have to fit around my unpredictable work schedule and so far I haven't found any holiday ones that will work out.

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