Sunday, September 18, 2011

People's Art Festival 2011

I know it's a little late with the posting of this. Better late than never. The People's Art Festival was the last weekend of August. We had a great time and were so happy to be a part of it. This was my very first Detroit show and it was a blast. This took place at the Russell Industrial Center.
Here is my set up. Bags/purses to the left and aprons to the right. Everything else is on the tables. I make a little bit of everything and have fun making it all. Everyone told me I had my items reasonably price. I try to make them affordable for everyone. The aprons were well liked by everyone. Left over aprons I added to my etsy shop and soon I will add the bags.
My shrink art necklaces were a big hit. Pretty much sold them all. I have ideas for new ones in the future.
My paintings set up. I'm a little sad I sold the sloth painting but I can always paint another.
My bags I made just days before this show.
In the morning setting up.
Same alley just a view looking to the west.
Their famous Russell Center water tower.
Wish I could have taken more pictures. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to download my pictures from my regular camera and took the pictures you see here with my phone camera. I wasn't able to walk around with my phone because I have that handy dandy Square app for taking credit card sales, which by the way came in handy.
We even had a cute visitor that hung out with us for a while.
Really wish I would have gotten more pictures, especially of the crowd that came out. Lots of interesting people. Everyone was so friendly and nice. I enjoyed chatting with everyone I met. I would love to be a part of this again next year. Did I mention I had a pulled pork sandwich? Oh and it was delicious. The weather was even great. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.
And that was our fun and exciting weekend in Detroit. Can't wait till next year.

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  1. The Russell Industrial Center was a factory back in the 1920's. Here is some interesting info on it: