Thursday, August 18, 2011

Upholstery Fabric

I have been sewing bags everyday this week. I now have a new love for upholstery fabric. A simple bag can look amazing with upholstery fabric.

Later tonight will work on a few more cotton bags.

Trying not to stress out. Maybe next week I'll start stressing.

Have a great rest of the week everybody!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fabric hair clips.

Busy Busy

I'm still busy. These last couple weeks have been crazy trying to keep up with everything around me. Sometimes it's hard to fit in sewing and crafting.

Over the last couple weeks I did some paintings. The paintings above are tiny little 3"x3" that were fun to paint. My other paintings are 6"x6" and are of narwhals, sloths, owls, and skulls.

Made some fabric flowers with button centers for hair clips. Some were sewn onto those hair snap clips and some were glued onto the bobby pin style.

Also made more bottle cap magnets.

This evening was able to sew up some more coin purses.

Just hope I have enough of everything for the Detroit show I'm in that is a little less than two weeks away.

This weeks plan will be sewing up some bags and aprons. Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to fit in crafting or if I'm trying to fit in everyday life. I know...silly thought. Oh yeah, and I gotta figure out when we will go to the Genesee County Fair this week so I can ride some rides, really I just want to go down the giant slide.