Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I made a few painting for that last show I was in and plan to make a few more for possibly my last show of the year at the end of August. I put way to much time and effort in creating things for shows and need to slow down at some point and start making things for me. Plus I need to work on that 365 day of creating challenge that I think will end up being a two year challenge. Which brings me to painting a skull. Even though it is finish I don't think it is but don't think anything else should be added at the same time.

Here is a Narwhal painting that now has a new home with my friend Danielle.

This last one here is a painting I did after looking at my etsy/blogger friend's blog. Yes Donna, you inspired me to paint a Sacred Heart. I hope it makes you smile.

As you can see I have no set painting style. I just paint in the style of the moment. We'll see what kind of paintings I come up with later.

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  1. Wow I love your sacred heart I am so glad I inspired you and I also paint in the style of the moment!! I think my 365 creativity book project will also be about 2 years or more LOL!!! Great work - keep painting!!