Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fabric Flowers

This is my vacation week off of work. So far I have done a craft show, driven to Ohio for a funeral, visited relatives, visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, done laundry, cut out lots of fabric for three projects and sat around being lazy but thinking of what I could create next. I was also brave and left the house a few times times on errands and eating out with my son. They say its so very hot out with the heat index but I thought it felt wonderful outside. I'll take the hot summer days over the cold winter anytime.

One of my projects I cut fabric out for are a couple headbands for two sweet little girls. Today I made headbands for the first time as well as fabric flowers for the first time. The internet tutorials make it look easier that what it is. I'm glad I got them to turn out.

I was given a couple pics of some headbands and was asked if I could make them. The headbands were seen at a gift shop in a tourist town so I'm sure they cost a pretty penny. Not to toot my own horn but I think mine turned out way better than the ones in the gift shop. Mine have no raw edges, which makes no sense for a child headband.

Time to go figure out what we can munch on now. Had a late lunch/early dinner. I'm ready for dessert.