Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've been super busy over these last couple weeks. I'll have some catching up to do with my daily creating, but to be honest I have been sewing or crafting every day for a couple of craft shows. I plan to get back on track with the book real soon.

Last Friday I was in Art From The Heart. It was so much fun to be a part of it. My son had a blast mingling with the people there. He took along his flip books he made of stick men and walked around wearing a hand written sign asking people to ask him about them. He got lots of compliments on them. They're great.

This Sunday, Feb 20th I will be in the Flea Market Frenzy. I'm just doing some last minute things for this.

There are a couple craft shows I will be submitting applications to as well. One of which is an art fair. So I plan on making a couple small paintings to enter along with my aprons and bags. Really I think this art fair is out of my league. I just hope the paintings turn out, especially since I have no idea of what to paint. I feel like this is the year to enter.

Here's the thing...ever since I was a kid I had dreams of being in this particular art fair as well as one other pretty big one. So there's no harm in entering. If I don't make it then that's just that much less I have to sew and craft and paint. Right?!

Time to get some things done before the day is over.

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  1. The book gave us a jump start and now look at us go!! I hope you get into that art fair!!