Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spice Expo Results

Well...the spice expo didn't turn out like I was hoping, sold two shrink art necklaces only.

That's okay because I had good company along with me. Here are some pics of my little set up.

I believe the very cold winter day and the bad roads kept the people away. What can you do? Not sure if I will be going back tomorrow. I do and I don't. Not really bummed out about it. Think I'm in a daze after all my late night sewing/crafting to really have an opinion, in other words it is no big deal. On the bright side, my sister sold eight items of mine that I had on my etsy store to someone we know who will be taking them as gifts to friends of hers in Mexico. I will have aprons and bags traveling out of the country. So that is pretty darn cool.

On another note...I can't wait for the special February Art From The Heart Art & Craft Show that yours truly will be a vendor in. Now I can start planning for this. It's a special Valentines show they plan on having during the downtown Flint Art Walk. I will have Valentines on the mind. Planning on some Valentine themed bottle cap magnets, bags, cards, shrink art necklaces and of course aprons. Plus whatever else I might think of making.

By the way Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday of the year :)

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