Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Janurary Show

Again I have been busy with lots of things and about a week ago I was accepted to be a vendor in the Spice Up Your Life Expo in Frankenmuth, Mi. Last week more aprons were made and on Sunday lined cotton bags were made. Yesterday, Monday, started on some crochet dish cloths. Hate to say it but the dish cloths are boring to make and will only have a very few to sell. I'm using the Sugar n' Cream yarn that I had bought in these nice bright colors (had day of dead in mind when I was shopping). Trying to use supplies already on hand without making any addition purchases. So far it is working, didn't realize how much extra fabric I had on hand.

Today not much will get done due to my 1-close work shift. But trying to plan the rest of the week so my crafting time is not wasted. The Show is this weekend, Jan 15 &16. I had to be a vendor with a kitchen type theme. Just found out a couple days ago this is actually a spice expo, so we'll see how this show goes. The cotton bags will be grocery/totes to carry your spices home.

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