Monday, January 31, 2011

Catching Up on Everything

So I have fallen a little behind on my daily crafting and need to catch up. I have a craft show coming up that I need to get ready for, Art From The Heart. I will be making Valentine's themed items to take along. So far I have some coffee cup cozies. Made a few that are sewn shut and have a few that will have a velcro closer, just need to sew on the velcro.

Had a special request for an apron with the color orange in it. Made a fabric run just to discover I didn't like any of the orange printed fabric at the near buy store. They had a lot of dark orange, I was looking for a happy orange. But I did come across some fabric at the last minute I think might work.

I will see what I can catch up on for my daily crafting. My theme for next month will be a Valentine's type of theme. So you see, I really do have to catch up. Maybe I'll still have some skulls incorporated in my future projects.

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