Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Craft Show Sunday

The craft show Sunday had a good turn out. I was surprised since it was on a Sunday. Everyone was so nice. Wouldn't mind driving down to Ypsilanti again or the Ann Arbor area. Note to self: check out future craft shows in Ann Arbor.

I was worried that I had to much, which would have meant I did all that sewing for nothing, as well as worried about not having enough. It turned out that I had just the right amount. The shrinky dink sugar skulls were a huge hit. Sold them all. The colorful ones sold first. Got lots of complements about everything. People really liked my little items as stocking stuffers.

My friend said maybe I should stick to a Day of the Dead theme. Seams to be a hit. Hmmm...what else to make with this great theme. I do have a couple ideas in mind for future projects.

We, my brother, friend Danielle and I had a fantastic time Sunday.

Next is to work on some projects and a couple oders/request.

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  1. I am so glad it went well for you YAY!!! I knew your sugar skulls would be a hit too!! It seems that Day of the Dead is very popular as well as sacred hearts (corazons), Guadalupe, and many saint items especially St. Therese she is my best seller!! If you ever get any of that corazon sacred heart Mexican print fabric I would love a tote made from that!!