Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day Of The Dead Theme

Just finished making a Day of the Dead bag for someone to give as a gift. Also just sold a Day of the Dead apron on my etsy shop. Just one Day of the Dead apron left in my shop. Boy I wish I had more of this fabric to make more. I sense a possible new theme for the coming new year.

Have I mentioned I want to start painting? Small paintings of decorative sugar skulls. I have painted in the pass so we'll see if I still got the touch. Won't know till I try it again.

Plus an idea for Day of the Dead crochet pins.

Oh the possibilities are endless. To many more ideas in my head.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Craft Show Sunday

The craft show Sunday had a good turn out. I was surprised since it was on a Sunday. Everyone was so nice. Wouldn't mind driving down to Ypsilanti again or the Ann Arbor area. Note to self: check out future craft shows in Ann Arbor.

I was worried that I had to much, which would have meant I did all that sewing for nothing, as well as worried about not having enough. It turned out that I had just the right amount. The shrinky dink sugar skulls were a huge hit. Sold them all. The colorful ones sold first. Got lots of complements about everything. People really liked my little items as stocking stuffers.

My friend said maybe I should stick to a Day of the Dead theme. Seams to be a hit. Hmmm...what else to make with this great theme. I do have a couple ideas in mind for future projects.

We, my brother, friend Danielle and I had a fantastic time Sunday.

Next is to work on some projects and a couple oders/request.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sugar Skulls

My sugar skulls made from Shrinky Dink shrink plastic. I used a sharpie on some and prisma colors on some. Worked out pretty well. I had made a few back in September for a craft show and sold them all. These are a new little bunch that will be going to the craft show coming up real soon.

I think I have all the sewing done for this up coming craft show. I'll be crocheting the night away tonight and most likely tomorrow night. Making some pretty simple scarves that look pretty snazzy. Those long narrow kind I keep seeing people wearing.

Nighty Night

Mexican Lotteria Bottle Cap Magnets

Here are the bottle cap magnets. They are made from prints that were actually meant for scrabble pieces. These were printed from the computer and because of this I had cut the pictures out in rows then put a piece of packing tape over the strips. I did it this way so when it came time to pour the dimensional glue over them the print wouldn't run and look cloudy. After the packing tape step I just used a one inch circle punch to punch out my print, run the circle print through my xyron sticker maker, adhere the circle print to the inside of the bottle cap and last pour in some dimensional glue, I used Glossy Accents. It takes a good two days for the Glossy Accents to harden. I only waited one day so I was careful when I glued on the magnets to the backs. This time I used E6000 glue. This was the first time for me using this glue and I discovered how bad it smells. I think I'll stick with the hot glue gun. I'll be posting the sugar skulls soon, when I get a chance. They were fun making.