Sunday, September 19, 2010

What A Long Day

What a long day it was for me. To start off with I over slept and had a late late breakfast. Taking pictures for a craft winter show application was today's plan. Grabbed my things in a crate and headed outside with my handy dandy (phone) camera.

Since I was already taking pictures I just kept on with it and took more for my etsy shop. I even had an assistant/model to help out in a few pictures. What a great sport my son was. I promised no one would see his face, so he didn't mind. We had a great sunny day.

I had to take a couple pictures of the Our Lady of Guadalupe bags by the roses even though the leaves didn't look to good. These were the only good looking roses left. Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier this summer.

Then came to the posting of everything on etsy. I spent the rest of the night doing this. So time consuming even with a few short cuts. I feel bad I didn't notice I should have ironed a couple of the bags before taking pictures. Didn't see it on the camera phone. Still haven't figured out my real camera (it's not Lisa friendly).

So later this week I need to take care of the craft application since that was today's goal. It's okay, I have until September 30th to get it done. Also post three more things on etsy. I would be in heaven if all I could do is sew and create art and crafts. it's time for bed, have to go to work tomorrow.


  1. I love that scarf with that silky fabric and patterns and what a great sprot your son is. I have been thinking of asking mine to model my necklaces but I think they will get too silly and I'll never get the shot!!!

  2. Oh you should have them model for you. Just make sure you tell them you won't get their faces in the photo and maybe they'll agree to it. We had fun.