Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two weeks ago I received in the mail that I was accepted to be a vendor in the 2010 Mt Pleasant Art and Craft Festival. Let me tell you, two weeks notice is not enough time to get ready for a show. I had taken a break from sewing since I was a vendor at my church fiesta the last weekend of June. That one went okay. Now I know what to expect. Everyone wanted aprons with pockets. Pockets, pockets, pockets. The full aprons were a huge hit. The half aprons, not so much. The bags were good sellers as well. Anyhow, I was taking a break since I know I plan on doing a lot of sewing again soon to be in a winter craft show. So, during the first week I did lots of sewing. I had to make up for the aprons that were sold. I made more full aprons with pockets, then I added pockets to the rest of the full aprons from before. Also made a few more little things to take along.

Then there was a little mix up for my day to be there. I did show up on Thursday per the mail info, I signed up for Saturday. If it wasn't for the rain on again off again there would have been some more people out there. It was a nice and quiet there. Friday and Saturday there was thunderstorms through out the day, so I guess it was a good idea I went on Thursday.

Today I have started on a few more full aprons to make up for the ones I sold. Friday, August 13th I will be vendor at the Art From The Heart show downtown Flint during the night of the Flint Art Walk. I'm looking forward to that. When the aprons are finished my next project will be the making of more bottle caps magnets. The next set will be Alice In Wonderland.

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