Monday, May 17, 2010

My Sunday...

My Sunday today went pretty well. Was on and off the computer throughout day. Found another site to sell things on called and I thought I'd check it out. I opened a shop named and listed three aprons. I'll see how that goes. I did the free plan where you can list five items for free. I'll just patiently wait and see if anything sells.

I also took some pictures of aprons and small bags with my phone camera and my regular camera (and I'm wondering where I placed that camera, hope I didn't leave it outside). I actually like how the phone camera pics turned out.

And...I listed on my Etsy shop four half aprons and one tote bag. After listing the fourth apron I noticed I could post my latest listing to facebook. This was my excitement of the day, believe it or not! It was exciting to me as well as my sister. So then I listed one more item, a tote bag, and showed it off on facebook.

Tomorrow after work I'll try listing the bags I took pictures of.

Until tomorrow....bye bye!
Love Lisa

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